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A fresh approach in a world of traditional newspaper buying

Print media drives sales like no other advertising medium. Mediaspace Solutions has evolved with the industry and understands how to maximize your returns in this new news consumption landscape. We demonstrate the daily value of building partnerships with results-driven advertisers as well as the print and digital publishing outlets we interact with every single day.

Our services:

What we can do for you:

  • Prioritize your business needs by dedicating more account support
  • Increase intelligence by conducting target market research and competitive analysis
  • Simplify media buying by providing precise recommendations, thoroughly managing placements and offering uncomplicated billing
  • Partner in developing a media strategy based on your objectives
  • Create results by formulating media plans designed to fulfill established strategy and achieve campaign objectives
  • Maximize the return on your media investment by leveraging our relationships and buying power
  • Continuously work to evolve and optimize your media buy by tracking results and recommending opportunities
  • Offer integration of print and digital solutions by bundling newspaper, magazine, online and mobile

Bottom line, we take the pain out of print and digital media buying. This creates extra time for our clients (agencies and companies directly) to work on growing their business.

We don’t work for the newspapers, nor are we owned by a corporate juggernaut. This is important because it means we don’t have the ulterior motives that are so prevalent in media agencies today. Our only concern is delivering the results our clients have grown to expect.

As a print and digital buying agency, our core competency is facilitating national, regional and local media buys. Newspaper media buying has been, and continues to be, the core of our business. With the continued convergence of print and digital media, we have grown to become experts in digital media planning and buying and are seeing that side of our business explode. We are faster, more efficient and less expensive than anyone else in the business.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your next advertising campaign.

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