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4 Ways Small Biz Owners Can Widen Their Marketing Reach

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Aug 20, 2018 @ 10:00 AM |


When just starting out with a new business, entrepreneurs typically focus all of their efforts, resources and budget on marketing to a small niche of consumers. This niche could be determined by a geographic location, a particular age group (or other common demographic), or specific hobby enthusiasts, for example.

Eventually, most owners will want to scale their business up and increase their market reach. But when you’ve been so tightly focused, going wider can seem a challenge.hands, the young sprout and our planet Earth

In this blog post we’ll take a look at 4 ways you can widen your reach in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Focus on the Best Keywords

If a good chunk of your sales each month happen from consumers finding you online after they’ve submitted a search query to Google (or their search engine of choice), then it’s time to hunt for new search terms you can rank for.

If you don’t have a keyword tool you’re already using, there are plenty of free options available. Look for terms that are relevant to your specific product or service, and make sure you go for the low hanging fruit that will be easier to rank for.

Once you’ve come up with another list of keywords to rank for, monitor the kind of traffic those terms bring to your website or blog. Is that traffic cold, lukewarm or hot? Is it converting?

Also, you’ll want to analyze your current traffic and see which terms are bringing you -  not the most traffic - but the BEST. When you know which terms, new and old, are performing the best, spend your time and resources on those.

  1. Try Out New Online Channels

When you first began marketing your business, you sat down and came up with a plan, and in that plan were the channels you decided you’d use to reach your ideal targets. Maybe you decided that a little Facebook, some Youtube and a blog post each week would work well for you.

Now that you want to reach even more or slightly different people, go back to that list and see what channels you haven’t explored yet. If you are targeting a whole new group of people, do some research to find out where these prospects hang out and what kind of information they like to consume.

Don’t feel the need to add 10 more channels. Pick one new one and explore that for a while. Monitor your progress to see if this new channel is giving you the reach and reaction you were hoping for. If so, great, stay with it a while and when ready, add another channel. If it’s not working, let it go and focus your attention on a new channel.

  1. Go Offline

It’s amazing how many people completely forget to market offline. To them, the Big Bang happened with the advent of the Internet. Before then, there was no life, no thing.

We find time and time again that offline channels are some of the most effective for our clients. If you haven’t yet tried TV, radio, newspaper or magazines, consider adding these strategies to your campaigns.

And, for those businesses geared toward baby boomers – you know, the segment of the population that has the most disposable income to spend – try print. Studies have found that baby boomers trust print ads more than online ads.

  1. Get a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes we think we need to do something differently to improve our results. For example, I have friends who have tried every fad diet and piece of exercise equipment but have gotten ZERO results. Is it the eating plan or equipment that’s not working, or are my friends simply not using the tools quite right?

It may be that the marketing methods, tools and channels you are currently using are more than enough to generate the traffic and revenue you desire, but you’re just not quite using everything to your advantage.

It’s always a great idea to get a new set of eyes on your campaigns to see if improvements could be made. Working with a media buyer can help you to fully understand the effects of your marketing efforts.

A skilled media buyer can help you determine whether you are targeting the right consumers and using the right channels and creatives. Plus, thanks to their negotiating skills, they can help you get much better deals than you are probably currently getting.

If you’d like some help with widening your reach, get in touch with us. We’ll work closely with you to understand and help you reach your goals.

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