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5 Digital Marketing Traps That Are Killing Your Campaigns

By Jenna Bruce on Tue, Dec 13, 2016 @ 02:00 PM |


Every CMO envisions creating successful marketing campaigns and being a hero around the office. Sadly, many make digital marketing mistakes that absolutely kill their campaign’s success.

If you want to taste glory instead of bitter failure, avoid these 5 common digital marketing traps at all costs:

Foregoing Authenticity for Cleverness

Let’s face it, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out amongst all the digital noise vying for consumer attention. One way to grab attention is to be creative in how you tell your brand story and present your offer. But creativity should never be confused with empty cleverness.

Even though there is a screen between your brand and a prospect, they can still smell fakeness and desperation from 2,000 digital miles away. Posers are outted quickly through social media, so be sure to always remain 100% authentic. Who are you? How can you help? Why is what you have to offer valuable?

Remember, the digital landscape has changed the marketing game, putting consumers in charge of the conversation. If your brand’s story is inauthentic, you’re going to be called out for it.

Creating Stellar Content and Then Not Promoting ItCreating Stellar Content and Not Promoting It

Content marketing has taken focus over the past decade, with more brands spending more advertising dollars on creating top-notch digital content that engages their audience. The problem is, creating outstanding content is not enough. There is no “Build it and they will come,” when it comes to the digital landscape.

By all means, allocate resources to the creating of amazing content, but be sure to save some of that time and budget to actually promote your efforts.

Not Focusing on Trust and Transparency

At the end of the day, consumers give their hard-earned money to brands that have earned their trust.

It’s important that you take this into consideration when developing your digital campaigns. Don’t create flashy campaigns that show off how great you are – no one really cares how great you are. People want transparency. They want to know who the people are behind the company. They want to know you give a damn.

When creating your campaigns, make choices based on your audiences’ fears and questions. Put their minds at ease about your company and your product and watch those wallets open.

Not Understanding the Medium

Many of our clients have been relying on traditional channels like newspapers and magazines for many years. And while there is no doubt print media is completely effective at reaching target audiences, integrative marketing is crucial for long-term success.

What works in print will not necessarily work in digital and vice versa. Heck, what works on television may not even work online. For instance, many brands make the mistake of taking their 30 second TV spot and uploading it as an “online video.” But the mediums, and the audiences, are different beasts.

If you are new to digital and unsure of how to create campaigns that will jive with native audiences, we recommend working with a media buyer who can help you navigate the landscape.

Having Too Many Digital Balls in the AirHaving Too Many Digital Balls in the Air

There is a myth surrounding digital marketing that says you MUST have a presence on every single digital channel. This is false and ludicrous. A brand can’t possibly create and publish quality content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and their own blog on a consistent basis.

The only channels that matter are the ones your prospects use. You may find great success only managing your blog and a LinkedIn page while someone else may find success with Facebook and Instagram.

To thine own audience be true, so be sure to fully understand your buyer persona, what kind of content they like to consume and where they hang out.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is a crucial component to overall marketing success. If you avoid these 5 common mistakes, your campaigns will reap the rewards in the coming year.

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