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5 Things That Will Give Your Billboard Ad Maximum Impact

By Jenna Bruce on Tue, Nov 08, 2016 @ 11:49 AM |


As the digital marketing landscape evolves and technology advances at a quickening pace, OOH campaigns continue to offer advertisers big ROI. Billboard ads in particular act as terrific physical markers allowing thousands, and even tens of thousands, of people to interact with your brand on a daily basis. When designed well, billboards will get your message across in a memorable way.

Here are 5 things that will give your billboard maximum Impact.

Visual EngagementVisual Engagement

Consumers who are driving or walking around their towns and cities only have a few seconds to interact with your billboard before moving on. For this reason, it must be visually engaging so people remember your brand’s message.

Effective billboards are ones that offer surprising visual elements and shock value that leave a lasting impression. When thinking of what it is you want to say, focus on elevating the mundane and making it extraordinary. You might want to consider using different shapes and 3D elements into your design.

Here are some powerful billboard examples that leave lasting impressions.


You know the old adage that in order to convey your message you should KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. While this is true for most advertising formats, it’s particularly true for billboards because you have only seconds to get your point across to drivers and pedestrians.

It’s better to rely on impactful visuals and colors instead of words. When words must be used, be sure to keep text short and sweet. The less words you use the bigger you can make them.

Having said this, sometimes a text-only billboard can be incredibly effective. Who doesn’t remember the famous “Got milk?” campaigns. These two words in white set against a plain black background were highly impactful. When using words as your main visual, be sure to select the right colors and typography.

Create a Strong Call-to-Action

All good ads have one thing in common: they facilitate conversions. Billboard ads should be no different. You’ve got to plant a suggestion into your audience’s mind so they TAKE ACTION after seeing your ad.

Chick-fil-A does this with their slogan “Eat More Chikin.” When hungry drivers see that message, then see a Chick-fil-A at the next exit, they’re apt to go and ‘eat more chikin.”

When creating your billboard ad, think of how to lead people to immediate engagement, or if that’s not possible, how to create suspense or curiosity so people will visit your web site or social media pages later.

Use Your Billboard to Prove a Point

All consumers require proof before taking action, so use your ad to prove a point. This can be done in an emotional way or in a literal way.

For example, here’s a very effective billboard in New Zealand that gets its point across by using actual rain to signal to drivers how dangerous driving conditions can be in the rain.  

Think about your product’s function and prove it. Taking a second look at some visually engaging ads, notice the duct tape ad that looks as though the tape is holding the billboard up. The company is proving a point: Their tape is so strong it can actually hold this big billboard up.

Stay Consistent

It’s easy to think of your billboard ad as a standalone piece, but it’s important to remember its design should fit into your larger marketing puzzle. Is your messaging consistent with your overall marketing strategy? Does it match in tone and style other ads of yours on other channels? Consistency among your different advertising outlets is as important as the actual advertisements themselves.

As the holidays approach, billboards will be a great way to grab the attention of shoppers as they rush home with their treasures. Just make sure you’re taking full advantage of this potential by following these 5 tips to create impactful ads.

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