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Media Buying + Creative Services: The Strategic One-Stop Shop

By Jenna Bruce on Thu, Jun 18, 2020 @ 10:13 AM |


When you started your business, you most likely focused on delivering an offer that would bring value to your customers and positively impact their life in some way. You probably never imaged that someday you’d have to wear as many hats as you do! One of those hats, no doubt, is that of chief marketing officer.

Most of the business owners we work with simply don’t have the time to research their market, competition, and audience demographics, let alone the time to design optimized ads, choose the right distribution channels, negotiate effective program buys, launch campaigns, monitor results, collect metrics and adjust as necessary. You know, they have better things to do like run their own business!

That’s where a media buyer comes in extremely handy!

The Traditional Role of a Media Buyer

For many business owners, a media buyer is an invaluable partner to have on the team. Not only are these pros responsible for negotiating prices and ad placement for all ads on the radio, television, print and digital platforms, they also ensure all media inventory is purchased within your available budget and seen by your target audience.

You’ll admit, that’s a tall order!

Effective media buyers get their clients stellar results in a few different ways:

Developing the Overall Media Plan

All media buys begin with a comprehensive plan that outlines placements, prices delivery goals and final budget.

Negotiating Skills

Media buyers negotiate buys on your behalf, and we will always be able to get better prices than business owners. This is because we spend years building relationships with publishers’ media reps so it’s far easier for us to get our clients a good deal. Plus, since we buy in bulk orders for all our clients at once, we can typically get the price down even more.

Tracking & Monitoring

Most media agencies will electronically track all buys to ensure placements run correctly. We will also watch campaigns closely to be sure that overall campaign objectives are being met and being met within budget.

But That’s Only Half the Battle

The above services are where most media buying agencies stop. But the truth is, most business owners need help not only with delivering ads but also with creating them. In fact, in our experience, getting the ads right is not only THE MOST IMPORTANT step – it’s also the hardest one.

The bottom line is, your ads either convert or they don’t. It won’t matter how great the placement was, or how low of a price your media buyer negotiated on your behalf. If the ad misses the creative mark, it won’t amount to a proverbial hill of beans.

That’s why, if you are looking for the help of a media buyer, we recommend going with one that offers creative services in addition to the traditional ad buying services. This way you will have all of your bases covered to ensure your ad spend turns into an ROI that just makes sense.

Media Space has an in-house creative services team that can help you with any facet of ad development. We can evaluate your current ads to see how they may perform better. Our team can also create strategic and compelling ad builds from the ground up.

We offer:

Creative Consult

Need some advice on branding, layout or messaging? Our discovery session will collect the necessary information from you so we can start to develop the next steps for the campaign.

Resizing & Rebuilding

If you have current assets that need some adjustments, we offer resizing and rebuilding services.

Concept to Market

If you are a new to market advertiser, we create concepts that offer a fresh approach. Once the right concept is selected, we create mock layouts for review and revisions.

Customer Experience

Ads MUST be created always with the audience in mind. This is why we gather and present custom audience research based on targeted demographic studies, consumer behavior, design trends, and brand guidelines.

Our creative services rates are far below industry standard while our build execution is completed with the utmost attention to detail. Our entire aim is to become an invaluable partner to you, helping you grow your business and your bottom line.

Contact us today to discuss your project needs!