Free Standing Inserts (FSIs)

Free Standing Inserts FSIs - Mediaspace Solutions

Mediaspace Solutions takes national and regional advertisers to the local level through free standing inserts (FSIs). Our research, ZIP code and mapping tools allow us to hone in on your target audience and eliminate spending on irrelevant consumers. We help our clients reduce operational drag and create more efficient, effective media buys.

We offer our clients:

  • Competitive strategies and insights on how to buy newspapers more effectively
  • Targeting based on consumer demographic and geographic data
  • Geospatial intelligence mapping which enables us to map the most efficient media buy to reach the right consumers
  • Aggressive pricing focused on CPMs and buying the appropriate circulation
  • Effective utilization of local digital for more coverage
  • Bidding on printing and shipping through our network of cost-effective printers
  • Delivery tracking and labeling to ensure your insertions are delivered to each publication on time and compliant with each publication’s unique delivery requirements
  • Customizable digital delivery of invoices, tearsheets and affidavits

Benefits of FSIs:

  • 73 percent of adults usually check newspaper inserts to see what’s on sale while 56 percent use store inserts to plan their regular shopping trips
  • Seven in 10 adults say they read or look at newspaper inserts at least occasionally
  • FSIs drive online shopping and purchases in addition to in-store traffic
  • 44 percent of adults take newspaper inserts with them while shopping
  • FSIs can be targeted by specific ZIP codes and neighborhoods to reach relevant markets
  • 79 percent of those who look at FSIs save them for more than one day

The above statistics were pulled from How America Shops and Spends 2013.

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