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Our Approach

Approaching traditional media with contemporary perspectives

Our Approach You may have heard the news: the publishing industry is dying and newspapers will soon be dead, gone and extinct. We don’t believe it. And we have the client stories and data to prove it. Whether it’s direct response, standard run of press, unique run of press, preprints, polybags or anything digital, Mediaspace Solutions can plan, buy and place your advertising campaign to ensure success.

For each and every buy we’re determined to create a win-win-win. That means working with advertising agencies and advertisers to understand what success means for their advertising campaigns, whether integrated or siloed. We then take those parameters and reach out to our publishing partners throughout the United States and Canada to get everyone on the same page, often times literally.

Once we’ve done a buy for a client they keep coming back for multiple reasons, but the most important one is this: we add value to every client’s business. What they were usually managing in-house becomes something they get more value from by outsourcing. That might sound a bit arrogant, but it’s not. What we offer clients is the opportunity to refocus their staff on their business strategies and take the next step, at no cost. While we have unique pricing programs like our Pay for Performance model, you won’t find an upcharge or service fee on our invoices. We worry about how we get paid, and you can worry about your next advertising campaign.

We know newspapers and magazines in both print and digital formats, and they recognize the value we bring to their business, just like the value we bring to advertisers and agencies. We’re one of the few proponents of the print industry because we know it works. When it’s paired with a digital campaign to create the halo effect digital and print can develop together, the power of the two media vehicles only increases.

That’s how we get things done. We achieve our client’s goals and then bring new ideas to the table. Our account development and buying teams aren’t just order takers. We prefer to work with our clients to determine the best approach to reaching the demographics and target markets they need to get their message delivered.

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