Print Media Advertising

Print Media Advertising - Mediaspace SolutionsThe print media and trusted news consumption landscape has changed. Yet your sales dependence on newspaper and magazine has not. That’s where we come in. Mediaspace Solutions is a print and digital media buying agency dedicated to increasing your return on investment in print media advertising. There are only two ways to increase return on investment: increase sales or decrease cost. Mediaspace will help you rebalance your ROI equation and justify your print media spend.

We offer our clients:

  • Competitive strategies and insights on how to buy newspapers and magazines more effectively
  • Targeting based on consumer demographic and geographic data
  • Targeted sectioning, contextual recommendations, and standard and unique sizing opportunities to increase audience engagement
  • Aggressive pricing focused on CPMs and buying the appropriate circulation
  • Synergistic utilization of local digital

Benefits of print media advertising:

  • Most trusted advertising medium in North America
  • Loyal readership
  • Targeted audience to a very concentrated geography
  • Shorter turnaround time than other media (you can run within days of an approved ad)
  • Unlimited ad exposure
  • Great flexibility with ad size
  • Proactive audience that uses newspaper to find product sales and coupons

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