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3 Ways Newspaper Ads Will Help You Reach Your Audience This Summer

By Jenna Bruce on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 09:03 AM |


Summer months bring higher temps, BBQs and pesky biting insects. They also bring a plethora of travel and frenetic schedules to consumers. This can make engaging prospects even more challenging for advertisers, who are looking to make a push in the third quarter. How can marketers get their ads in front of consumers who are distracted and on-the-go?

Newspaper ads.

As marketers have flocked to digital channels, the newspaper industry has been working diligently and tirelessly to innovate. It was either innovate or die, as so many people falsely claim they’ve already done.

Newspapers have consistently improved their products to meet the changing needs of audiences. These innovations help advertisers reach their target market no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Here are 3 ways newspaper ads will help you reach your audience this summer.

Local Guides and EventsLocal Guides and Events

Newspapers are at the forefront of planning and hosting local summer events for the community. Why not leverage this direct access to subscribers and get your message in front of the right market?

For example, your local paper may put out a special summertime edition called something like “The Summertime Guide to the Hudson Valley.” In it would be a calendar of events and free concert series, as well as local merchants who are sponsoring these activities. Becoming a sponsor is a great way to get your name out there. These kinds of guides typically list local restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment venues as well, another opportunity to extend your local reach.


According to data released by comScore in 2015, audience engagement with newspaper’s digital content is on the rise, with 176 million unique visitors last spring. This is great news for advertisers because it means they have a way to connect with all of those people glued to their mobile devices this summer.

Recognizing that mobile devices are how many consumers choose to engage with newspaper content, newspapers have developed new apps to retain long-time readers and attract new ones.

Many apps are bundling handpicked articles or curating top articles to provide a more customized experience. A customized experience means happy readers, and that means consumers who are in a great frame of mind when they come across your ad.

Niche Marketstarget.png

The digital versions of many newspapers have focused their efforts on trying to appeal to specific, niche audiences through targeted partner sites and products. After all, there’s no better time than summer to dive into a topic that interests you and spend hours reading all about it by the poolside.

An example would be The Tennessean’s 12th & Broad, which collaborates with local partners to create unique events that showcase Nashville’s thriving cultural scene. Subscribers of 12th & Broad receive tickets to local events, home delivery of its quarterly magazine, and other perks from local partners.

If your local paper has partnered up to form a niche channel publication, you can become a partner perk. Make Thursday free iced coffee day or Saturday free gelato day.

These are just a few ways newspapers have embraced innovation in an effort to not only survive the digital onslaught but thrive despite it. Niche and digital products allow newspapers to truly engage readers wherever they are with customized information. And, with targeted community events, advertisers can take full advantage of having access to their local audience to further increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.


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