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Industry Review: Tablets Part 1

By Amy Xiong on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 06:09 AM |


The upcoming series on tablets will dive into a number of topics relating to how these devices are changing the landscape in the personal computer and advertising space. Topics include: IAB best practices, tablet newspaper applications, magazine applications, applications versus tablet optimized websites and others. Be sure to check back regularly or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to learn what you can to do take advantage of this emerging trend.

The technology for tablets has existed since 1988, but its popularity failed to spread due to usability and price. Recently with the release of the iPad in 2010, tablets have been recreated and have caught the attention of consumers worldwide.

Apple’s iPad is said to account for 83% of all tablet sales in 2010. Although the iPad seems to hold most of the market share, tablets are not limited to the iPad. Other tablets include the following: HP Touchpad, Motorola Tablet, Samsung Tablet, Windows 7 Tablet, Kindle Fire, and much more. Many of these tablets are struggling to compete with Apple’s iPad. For example, the HP Touchpad is being discontinued and is selling for now only $99. This decrease in price caused the tablet to be sold within a few hours though.  

Why are tablets so popular? They appeal to a large range of consumers. Its portability and innovation appeal to the busy affluent lifestyle and demographics appealing to all consumer brands. iPads can be used professionally and for personal use as it is similar to the combination of a smart phone and laptop. It is light enough and easy to handle by both children and the elderly. The tablets are also a great way to keep students engaged in the classroom, as many learning applications have been created. More applications are being developed everyday to appeal to different iPad consumers.