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Seven Ways to Make Mobile Websites Better, Faster and Efficient

By Amy Xiong on Tue, Jun 05, 2012 @ 08:34 AM |


Raise your hand if you thought mobile websites were just for those marketing directly to consumers? Come on, it’s OK, you’re the not the only one. However, mobile advertising is not just for B2C marketers; those in the B2B space need to take advantage of mobile as well. All VITOs (very important top officers) need to be connected to industry news and often times do this through their phone.

Here are SEVEN ways to make mobile advertising better, faster and more efficient:

  1. Send SMS alerts to your business clients. This allows them to be aware of the things that will affect them immediately. Just be sure to do this only when it is truly important. It could easily annoy your client and turn them off to your services.

  2. Keep information on your mobile sites updated. In between breaks or waiting at airports are the perfect time for check-up on information and deals. Be sure all of this information can be accessed quickly and easily.

  3. Avoid big files and images. Your business prospects are on a busy schedule. You need to have things download fast. They want information immediately. Even as smartphones become smarter, with better processors and faster Internet connections, keep your mobile marketing basic. People whose time is very valuable will not spend it waiting on a loading bar.

  4. Focus on format. Keep in mind mobile screens are small. It should be easy to scroll to continue reading compared to loading a new screen. This is especially important for online newspaper and magazine publishers, who are in the mode of intentionally creating jumps to keep readers engaged.

  5. Keep copy at a minimum. It’s easier to read a few words that get to the point compared to reading a lot of small text on such a tiny screen. Treat each story or article like the journalist you are. Deliver the most important information first, and then fill in the details.

  6. Make sure the call to action is the first thing business executives see. They should not have to scroll or click to a new page. You should make it as easy as possible to become a lead.

  7. Consistent and regular testing. Be sure to always test your sites and advertisements. If you don’t make sure things are responding correctly, it could mean losing a big client to a competitor.

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