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Top Four Reasons Your Business Needs to Utilize Tablets

By Brynn Haugen on Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 12:10 PM |


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Tablets have  become a common item in the workplace. In fact, more than 66 million tablets were sold in 2011 globally, an increase of 260% from only 18 million sold in 2010. People love their tablets. But just how effective are they for business? Below are four reasons your business needs to be using tablets. 

  1. Cutting edge technology – tablets have been out for more than a year now, but you still need to look like you’re paying attention. Pulling out the 15-pound laptop doesn’t scream ‘cutting-edge.’ While the tablet alone doesn’t prove your credibility, it certainly points you in the right direction.
  2. Effective presentations – instead of clumsily turning on your computer, a tablet allows you to efficiently open a website or document. Tablets enhance the visual experience for the customer, especially if you’re using a new presentation software, like Prezi. The combination of your tablet and something that’s not PowerPoint ensures you’ll have the attention of the meeting, at least for the first five minutes. After that it’s up to you. And, you can even use a tablet while standing up - try doing that with a laptop.
  3. Sleek and lightweight – Carrying your tablet to your business’ conference room or with you on a business trip is effortless because of its lightweight properties.  Isn’t your carry-on heavy enough already?
  4. Use your own handwriting – Being able to write using your own handwriting comes in handy when signing documents, taking notes or sending personalized messages. If you want to convert those notes you took, tablets can easily transform them into typed text. And with the WiFi or cellular nature of the tablet, you can share those notes with whomever you please immediately.

If your business doesn’t have a tablet, it’s time to get one. The next step involves picking out what kind of tablet to purchase. Some options include the new Google Nexus 7, the iPad, the Kindle Fire, and the Samsung Galaxy.  Each option has pros and cons so do your research for what you’ll use a tablet for and what you can afford. Start out with one tablet, if you find it to be an effective addition to your business, then consider buying more.

Aside from using tablets for your own business, it is also important to consider including tablets into your marketing mix. Check out our previous blog about tablet user demographics so you know who to target.