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The Three Things James Bond Has Taught Us About Local Advertising

By Scott Olson on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 @ 12:38 PM |


You read that right. We’re talking about Bond, James Bond, AKA 007 (double-o-seven). James knows local, like Bo knows football. Stick with me for a minute and I’ll show you how. Here’s the 30 second version: James knows his target, he knows where they are and how to get their attention, and he always comes out on top (take that how you will).

James Bond knows local advertisingWith the new Bond movie, Skyfall, just released, it seemed like a great time to see what we can learn from the iconic spy series. Also, a question was posed in the office the other day about what we can learn from movies to apply to our business, and potentially your business. So here we go, let’s jump right into it.

  1. James knows his target: You know the scene: James gets the call while on some exotic island with a blonde, brunette or redhead and needs to report to HQ. When he gets there, as dashing and debonair as ever, M hands him a dossier. The manila envelope is filled with background information on the target. Their name, aliases, profession (their legit front and their black market dealings), background on where they came from, where they’ve worked, their strengths and weaknesses, everything MI6 can drum up.

    This is similar to what you do with your advertising. At least it’s what you should be doing with your advertising. You need to get local and get to know your targets, building personas about who they are, where they live, what they do in their free time, what publications they read in print or online, shows they watch, websites they visit. Do you have all that? If you want to be the world’s greatest spy and an effective marketer, you need it.

  2. James knows where his targets are and how to get their attention: This varies by individual, just as it does for your targets. Sometimes finding his target takes 007 to exotic islands (Dr. No), Monte Carlo (Casino Royale) or Iceland (Die Another Day). Once he tracks them down, his technique for getting their attention varies, as should yours. Sometimes he takes their money, other times he takes their girl. He’ll even go so far as to let them capture him before finding some ingenious way to escape.CMO's Guide to Integrating Print and Digital Advertising eBook

    How are you getting in front of your targets? Are you using local advertising, national syndication and hoping it’s working? Whatever you think might be the best way, there’s no better way than a mix that includes local outlets like daily or weekly newspaper, digital avenues that allow for location-based targeting, and local market radio or television. We all know consumers are using multiple screens and methods to get their news, information and entertainment, and by playing to the multiple media outlets, you have the best chance of developing effective campaigns.

  3. James always comes out on top: Yes, that is a double-entendre, and hopefully you fully understand both meanings. If you’ve never seen one of the movies, 007’s reputation should precede him. Either way, James always gets his man, and woman. Because he’s built his profile and determined how to find his targets, and because it’s a movie after all, James always prevails.

    bond winds up on top, just like local advertisers who know their consumersHow are you doing in that category? Are you being effective in your advertising based on your ROI? If not, what are you doing to change the outcome? Advertising is all about testing your message and medium to find the most efficient way to reach your local audience. If you follow the tactics of the timeless James Bond, you can be sure you’ll be effective in your efforts.

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