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How Kickboxing Can Make You a Better Advertiser

By Hannah Hill on Tue, Jan 21, 2014 @ 10:14 AM |


For the past three years I have been taking kickboxing classes twice per week and I absolutely love it. Kickboxing is a fun fitness activity that helps me stay in shape while also providing a healthy opportunity to reduce stress and release pent up anger, if need be. The twin kickboxing instructors who lead my classes incorporate a variety of kicks, punches and cardio challenges that are sure to deliver results. Included below are three components of a good kickboxing sweat session and how they can make you a better advertiser.

Aim for your target

In kickboxing we are told to concentrate on each punch and aim for our target (whether nose, neck or “money shot”) in the mirror. Aim increases our ability to make contact with our target, which is something smart advertisers know a thing or two about. Once you pinpoint your target market using both qualitative and quantitative research, develop an advertisingHow Kickboxing Can Make You a Better Advertiser strategy that focuses on that demographic. When your messaging is aimed at the right market segment you will be most effective. Invest in the research and eliminate wasted dollars by targeting only those with the highest likelihood to consider your product.

Use combinations to be most effective

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have been taking kickboxing classes for a few years. Because my instructors compile the kicks and punches into different combinations, I never get bored and usually have at least one sore muscle group by the time I roll out of bed the next morning. Consider the following kickboxing combinations and think about which would be most effective.

Combination #1: Jab, cross, jab, cross, jab, cross, jab, cross

Combination #2: Jab, cross, hook, uppercut, right front kick, left round kick (x2), right front kick

The first combination is pretty basic (and boring) as it uses only two punches. Plus, it would enable your attacker to anticipate your next move fairly easily. The second combination would be most effective as it incorporates a variety of punches and kicks and allows you to connect with your target in different ways. Similarly, an advertising campaign that utilizes multiple media channels to reach the target audience will be more effective than one that relies solely on one medium. Think about how many times you flip through your favorite magazine during the day. Now think about the radio ads you hear and the billboards you see on your morning commute. Add to that the hundreds of emails you receive during a given week and the number of pop-up ads that interrupt your web browsing. An advertiser who develops a campaign across multiple channels has a better chance of reaching consumers than an advertiser who relies on a single channel.

Hit the speed bag repeatedly

How Kickboxing Can Make You a Better AdvertiserIn-between each combination we do short bursts of cardio. One of our cardio challenges involves doing speed bag arms while simultaneously doing jack legs. Not only is this cardio combo exhausting, but it requires focus and endurance. The goal is to hit your target repeatedly with fury. When this gets translated to advertising, the goal is not to batter and bruise your target audience, but to hit them with your ads over and over and over again. You really want to pound your messaging into their heads so they never forget it. The greater the recall, the better your bottom line.

Remember the following and you’ll be in tip-top advertising shape in no time: aim for your target, use multiple media channels and hit your target audience repeatedly so your competitive advantage really sinks in.

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