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Local Newspaper Advertising: Are We onto Something or on Something?

By Hannah Hill on Tue, Feb 04, 2014 @ 01:41 PM |


Advertising in the local newspaper is by no means a novel idea, but it can still deliver results for advertisers and therefore deserves a portion of your advertising budget. Included below are five ways to increase the effectiveness of your local newspaper advertising campaigns.

Target Specific Sections of the Newspaper

If your goal is to maximize exposure for your brand, target the Main News section of the local newspaper. It’s the section most people start with when they sit down with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. I say most people because my husband usually reads the comics andLocal Newspaper Advertising:  Are we onto something or on something? then the news, but hey, everyone has different priorities. Readers will be most receptive to your ad if it aligns with relevant content, so be strategic with ad placement. If you’re a local sports retailer, advertise your products in the Sports section. Likewise, an ad for an upcoming Broadway production belongs in the Entertainment or Arts section to increase effectiveness.

Invest in Color

Life is better in color, or at least Dorothy and Toto thought so. Loosen your grip on the purse strings and turn your back on black and white ads for a while. Invest in color for your next advertising campaign and see what happens. At the very least, consider a two-color advertisement as it will attract more attention. Our eyes tend to gravitate to the most visually appealing content on the page, whether advertisement or editorial, so keep that in mind when you or your creative team designs your next newspaper advertisement.

Use a Stronger Call-to-Action

If you are not getting the desired response, maybe it’s the result of a weak call-to-action or lack thereof. If you think your CTA is strong enough as is, think again. Popeye was a pretty strong guy, but he still guzzled spinach left and right. Let that be a lesson to you. Take a look at your current newspaper ad and make sure your CTA is prominently placed. Don’t be afraid to include your web address or phone number more than once. It’ll increase the likelihood that a reader notices it and takes action.

Increase Ad Frequency

There are a couple good reasons to increase the frequency of your ads in the local newspaper. The first of these is the benefit of increased awareness. The more often consumers are reminded of your product or service, the more likely it will be top of mind when they realize they have a want or need. It is said that consumers finally notice your ad just about the time it starts driving you nuts. Another benefit to increasing ad frequency is saving money. Local newspapers are often willing to discount ad space when advertisers commit to running multiple times throughout the year. It’s common to see frequency discounts when you place your ads 4x, 13x, 26x or 52x, so take advantage of saving a little dough and ramp up your presence in the local newspaper.

Local Newspaper Advertising:  Are we onto something or on something?Don’t Ignore Local Newspaper Websites

Increase visibility for your product or service when you advertise on your local newspaper’s website in addition to the more traditional hard copy. We’ve found that an integrated advertising strategy works best, so trust us on this one. Do a combined print and digital buy for your next campaign and measure the results. While daily newspapers are still read by nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults, time spent online continues to rise. That being said, capitalize on newspaper advertising when you buy both print and digital ad space.

If you need further convincing you should be advertising your product or service in the local newspaper, read this. Then give us a call when you are ready to plan your next advertising campaign.

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