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This Article Will Help You Lose 50 Walnuts and Pay Off Your Chicken

By Jenna Bruce on Wed, Oct 21, 2015 @ 09:07 AM |


You clicked on this article, of that much we know.

But what made you click on it?

Chances are it was this devilishly creative headline.

You see, had we composed a title that read: “This article will help you write better subject lines,” you would have not given it the slightest bit of your attention.

Had we written: “This article will help you lose 50 pounds and pay off your mortgage” some would have clicked on it, but not enough for our liking.

No, we instinctively knew the thing that draws nearly everyone’s attention is chickens. The walnuts were just a diversion.

We are sorry for misleading you but we can neither help you lose weight nor reduce your mortgage payments.

However we can offer you something very lucrative indeed. And that is some pretty killer tips on how to create subject lines that get more prospect attention. The more clicks you get, the more chances you have at making money. And that’s what it’s all about. Oh, and helping people solve their problems, of course.


Tip Number 1 – Say Less

Your prospect is texting and heating a Hot Pocket at the same time they are checking their email – that’s a true story. Don’t write a long subject line that will take them more than the 4 seconds they’re willing to give. Keep it short and sweet, 50 characters max.


Tip Number 2 – Be a Real Person

Do you like communicating with an automatic messaging systems? No! No one likes it one bit, we want to speak with a real person. The same goes for getting emails. No one wants an automated message because they are gross. So always make sure your “from” address says something other than “noreply@company.com.” Use your real name so you look human and so that prospects will add you to their email address book.


Tip Number 3 – Don’t be Corny or Weird

There was a time when we were all told to use your prospect’s name in the subject line as well as in the body of your email. But now we all realize how corny and weird that was. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so why are we going to pretend we do? Don’t do this.


Tip Number 4 – Don’t Bend the Truth

Don’t be like me and lie to your audience. That was chicanery pure and simple. You should never lie to your prospect to get them to open your email. You’ll wind up in their spam folder quicker than an ugly cat goes viral.


Tip Number 5 – Know What’s Working and What’s Not

Some people only A/B test their email body content, not the subject line. That makes about as much sense as only putting deodorant under your left arm. Your subject is the gateway to the rest of your content and business, it’s critical you test it to see if you’re getting enough response.


Tip Number 6 – Get Creative

People get the same old same old in their inbox every day. Using some humor and creativity to stand out from all of that digital noise ain’t a bad idea.


Tip Number 7 – What’s in it for Them?

Why should anyone care about your email? We live in a self-involved society. People need to know what’s in it for them if they take the time to open your email and read it, so tell them right there in the subject line. “Learn the 3 simple tricks to making perfect crepes every time.” Great, I want to know that so I look cool with guests and now I am going to open it and read every word.

Have you noticed anything about these 7 tips? They’re pretty much common sense. But every so often we humans have to be reminded that common sense works. It does, so use these 7 tips to get more people to notice your emails, click on them, and buy from you.


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