Our leadership team is committed to your success


The leadership team at Mediaspace Solutions is made up of seasoned and knowledgeable print and digital media professionals who continually strive to shatter the status quo. They are committed to taking your print and digital media results to the next level. Strategic leadership and dedication to providing innovative solutions drive Mediaspace’s ability to produce results for our clients. See the bios below to learn more about the leadership behind our innovative media buying agency.

  • Randy Grunow

    Randy Grunow

    Chief Executive Officer 

    Randy Grunow brings 20+ years of buying experience and leadership to the Mediaspace team. After establishing the Minneapolis office in 2008, Randy has utilized his unique direct response background to deliver “out of the box” thinking in order to deliver results. He leads and challenges a team of aggressive media buyers to create custom advertising programs based on the needs of the client to help exceed their ROI goals.

  • Brian St. Cyr

    Brian St. Cyr

    President and Vice President of Sales

    Brian is driven by his passion for the print business and believes in building partnerships that consist of honesty, integrity and new ideas, while developing business friendships along the way. In the end, he knows the name of the game is driving better ROIs for his clients and agency partners.

  • Chelsea Salonek

    Chelsea Salonek

    Director of Sales and Marketing 

    Chelsea is dedicated to providing superior customer service while delivering strategic direction to ensure her clients achieve their campaign goals. She prides herself on building lasting relationships within industry. Internally, she leverages her attention to detail, experience, and drive to oversee the Marketing department. As a team they effectively market Mediaspace Solutions utilizing field experts.

  • Tony Buesing

    Tony Buesing

    Vice President of Account Development

    Tony has spent his career dedicating himself to exceptional client service and program development. He has vast print media experience working directly with clients, agencies and print publications. His knowledge has allowed him to build long-lasting relationships in the industry and the bottom line is he drives results for his clients and publication partners.

  • Katy Rogalskis

    Katy Rogalskis 

    Account Development Director 

    As an Account Development Director, Katy has been unstoppable in going above and beyond for her clients in the print and digital media world for over 12 years. She pursues, recommends and implements sound strategies on behalf of her clients and does it all with unsurpassed work ethic, high energy and honesty. She goes to bat for her clients in the market with vigor and is driven by her passion to guarantee exceptional service to all clients.

  • Alison Grannes

    Alison Grannes

    Account Development Director

    Alison thrives on building solid client relationships and finding concrete solutions for their advertising needs. She believes traditional media still maintains a stronghold in driving success for retail and national advertisers through a foundation of research, analytics and results!

  • BrennanH.jpg

    Brennan Harrington

    Account Development Director

    Brennan strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with all clients. Always keeping the needs of his clients top of mind, he’s constantly working to ensure all of the needs of his clients are met or exceeded. He prides himself in developing relationships and providing all customers with a great customer experience to ensure they keep coming back for more.

  • Colin May

    Colin May

    Vice President of Media Development and Operations 

    Colin has devoted his career to exceptional planning and buying across all forms of media, with a particular emphasis in print. Having worked on both the publication and agency side of the business, he has gained a unique perspective on the print and digital advertising industry. This unique perspective, combined with his desire to build relationships that are centered on trust and respect, have allowed him to continually exceed expectations of clients and media partners.

  • Shannon Mandeville

    Shannon Mandeville

    Production Director

    Shannon oversees the production team at Mediaspace; managing creative updates to clients’ files and the delivery of countless ads to print and digital publishers.  Her keen attention to detail and exceptional process development skills keep her team operating efficiently and effectively.  While she’s a Mediaspace veteran, Shannon’s focus is always on the future – meeting the challenges of a rapidly-evolving print and digital landscape,  expanding the knowledge-base of her team and empowering each of them to achieve their full potential.  Shannon also manages Mediaspace’s marketing efforts, overseeing a component of how the company is presented to vendors, publishers and industry peers. 

  • Katie Fontana

    Katie Fontana

    Senior Operations Manager

    Katie comes to work every day with the drive to continue improving processes that benefit clients and grow strong relationships with print publications. She is always willing to take on a client’s unique needs and effectively utilizes her resources at Mediaspace Solutions to provide meaningful results.

  • Jason Armstrong

    Jason Armstrong

    Director of Media Development 

    Jason is a firm believer that relationships and communication lead to greater understanding, insightful action, thriving campaigns, and persisting growth.  With over 15 years of buying and planning experience on the retail and agency sides of the business, he has a proven record of lasting success.  Jason is proud to lead a principled and meaningful career.

  • BethanyL.jpg

    Bethany Luckemeyer 

    Magazine Buying Manager 

    Since joining the team in 2013, Bethany has contributed to the successful evolution and expansion of the Magazine Department at Mediaspace Solutions. Bethany leads the Magazine Buying Team with industry expertise in both print and digital media. Her emphasis on relationship building, enthusiasm for new and existing clients, along with her competitive nature, have helped transform the department to where it is today.  

  • Mary McKee

    Mary McKee

    Director of Ad Intelligence 

    Mary joined the buying team at Mediaspace in 2012 and has since transitioned to a more encompassing role that includes managing our information database, operating our verification department and directing a team of 10 plus employees. Her attention to detail, background in customer service and project management experience has helped Mediaspace become more efficient in gathering information and streamlining internal processes.

  • Richard Benson

    Richard Benson

    Vice President of Finance

    Rich joined Mediaspace Solutions in November 2010. He brings with him a commitment to financial leadership and a strong desire to be part of a highly engaged technology driven media company. Rich is dedicated to finding a way to increase revenue for Mediaspace Solutions’ newspaper partners while also providing optimal ROI for clients.

  • MikeK.jpg

    Mike Koosa

    Vice President of Technology 

    Mike is an accomplished elite level application developer who has smoothly and effectively evolved his career into team leadership. He has a track record of taking on the most complex, mission-critical development challenges and producing solutions and results. Achieved technological and business breakthroughs in multiple vertical markets. Offers an executive’s strategic vision, a daily focus on operational excellence, an extraordinary problem-solving ability and demonstrates the no-limits growth-oriented heart of an entrepreneur.


New Business 

Please contact Brian St. Cyr at 612-253-2117 or bstcyr@mediaspace.com for new business or RFP inquiries.