Strategically Planned Advertising Campaigns

Mediaspace Solutions partners with our clients to fully understand their business goals and objectives.  From there, we deliver advertising strategy based on target demographics, zip code information, previous client sales data, and in-depth market understanding cultivated from years of planning, placing, and reviewing results.

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Zip Code Analytics & Mapping

  • ZipET
  • Spatial Key
  • Preprint Analyzer

Target Demographic Analysis

  • GfK MRI
  • Scarborough

Competitive Insight

  • Kantar

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Are your clients reaching their target market or wasting their advertising budget on irrelevant audiences? Let us conduct a free media analysis of their current local buy.

From this media analysis you'll learn:

  • Why local print advertising is essential to your clients' ad campaigns
  • How print can help your clients reach affluent and educated audiences
  • Which ZIP codes to target and which to ignore
  • The power of integrating print and digital media
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