Influence Business Executives with Buying Power


Reach Your Audience 

Mediaspace partners with clients to identify and target the decision-making business executives utilizing trade magazines distributed to businesses and executives.  We make planning and buying a more difficult media like trade look easy as our proprietary system is built for print and digital. National consumer magazines are another tool that we utilize to reach decision makers with an ad in a magazine or custom wrapping a magazine and direct mailing it to business decision makers. The end goal of any of our media executions is to get executives more familiar with our clients offering and buy the product.

We help you:

Identify Effective Trade Journals

We have built a database of over 500 trade and business journals across all categories of business and levels of executives. We meet with our clients to discuss their objectives and develop a strategic plan to meet their B2B needs.

Implement POB Programs

Point-of-business (POB) cover wraps are 4 to 6-page ad units distributed around a consumer magazine, like Fortune, that allow advertisers to educate business executives with optimally timed, non-intrusive messaging in a trusted environment.

Reach Business Executives

Utilizing MRI, we identify consumer magazine titles that most effectively reach our clients target business executives. Our goal is not only to run an ad but explore editorial alignment opportunities to help increase awareness and boost response.

Target Brick & Mortar Businesses

Our tools allow us to target to the street level so our clients can create targeted messaging that allows them to reach and speak to the local business owners and executives.


Children's Health

Case Study

Children's Health's goal was to to inform and encourage high ranking doctors in the fields of Oncology, Urology and Cardiology to recommend their patients to be treated at Chidlren’s Health





Case Study

3M's goal was to launch new products and increase market share in the Dental Oral Care industry.