Cost Effectively Acquire Financial Customers

Reach Your Audience 

In the financial market there is a lot of talk about interest rates, Wall Street’s performance, personal finance, and preparing for retirement. We partner with clients that have solutions and expertise in these areas and are trying to acquire new customers. Combining our research data and strength in media negotiations gives our clients the tools to more effectively reach their customers.

We help you:

Target Your Financial Branches

Tap into our proprietary ZipET tool and allow us to determine which publications can drive the most branch traffic within a defined radius.

Get into Market Quickly

With fluctuations in interest and mortgage rates, our partners need to be in market within days and our proprietary systems allow them to do just that.

Target Financial Customers

Whether it’s a magazine, newspaper, or website, we utilize our tools to develop the best go to market strategy as well as lean on our historical knowledge of what performs best for financial advertisers.

Secure Aggressive Rates

With access to over 450,000 historical rates, we know the floor as it relates to pricing in print and digital. We secure the low rates you need for a sucessful campaign.


Quicken Loans

Case Study

Quicken Loans's goal was to increase brand and new product awareness to improve consideration and engagement; ultimately in an effort to drive qualified lead volume for Quicken Loans’ home purchasing and refinancing products.



Charles Schwab

Case Study

Charles Schwab's goal was to drive awareness and traffic to local Charles Schwab investor and financial service locatins for grand opening, relocation, and general market advertising.