Promote your Law Firm, Lawyers and Services

 Reach Your Audience 

Whether you are looking to drive awareness of current legal issues or persuade potential clients to choose your law firm, Mediaspace will create a custom, strategic campaign. With our 20+ years of experience and vast knowledge of the laws of legal print advertising, we know what it takes to achieve your campaign goals. 

We help you:

Target Specific Audience

Whether you are looking for a specific target demographic or geographic, we have the tools to select the best publications to reach your audience.

Maximize Budget

With our full-service research tools, we are able to determine which newspapers will reach the largest audiences at the lowest prices to reach desired ROI.

Quickly Adapt to Market Change

Mediaspace can be in market within days of a new legal issue being presented. We can also quickly change current campaigns if the market fluctuates.

Gain New Clients

By tracking calls with 800 numbers or URL, we are able to help analyze your results and make make future campaign recommendations to continue to gain new clients.


Epiq Class Action

Case Study

Epiq Class Action and Claims' goal was to target and inform individuals affected by class action lawsuits through newspapers.



Goza & Honnold

Case Study

Goza & Honnold's goal was to spread awareness of the health problems resulting from prescription drugs and acquire clients.