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KSM’s Two Cents on Magazines and Newspapers

By Amy Xiong on Tue, May 15, 2012 @ 11:08 AM |


What should you do with magazines and newspapers? How long will print media last? This seems to be an ongoing topic with both sides throwing out statistics and research. What does KSM have to say about this?

Magazines have seen both a decrease and a growth in sales throughout the years correlating with the current state of the economy. There has been no significant preference for the printed versus the digital version for readers. The customer loyalty with the digital version will decrease though. There’s one industry that has been performing well in the magazine world. The food industry has been successful in particular magazines such as Food Network and Bon Appetit.

In regard to newspapers, the publications that are larger and localized will be the ones that succeed. Their readership will be loyal as they are very interested in their local information. Newspaper readers want to know what is happening in their neighborhood and hear about the sales and other offers close to them. In addition, paywalls have helped consumers view news as something worth paying for. However, the challenge that newspapers are facing is developing the correct paywall to match their needs and also keeps the consumers interested.

Overall, magazines and newspapers are evolving with the rest of the world to become more digital and integrated. Advertisers need to realize that consumers need to be reached through print and digital media to compete. The more integrated a brand’s marketing strategy is the more consumers they will reach.    

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