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Mediaspace Solutions Launches New Software System to Sustain Steady Growth

By Amy Xiong on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 08:36 AM |


In an effort to continue to exceed client expectations, Mediaspace Solutions developed and recently launched its new proprietary planning, buying and execution system, Rover. “As technology changes, so do client expectations,” said Isaac Ferreira, Director of Operations and Technology at Mediaspace Solutions. “Rover enables us to build more efficiencies into our processes and provide an even quicker turnaround of ad placements for our clients. Our current systems meet the needs of today’s client, and probably tomorrow’s client as well. The point of Rover is to meet their needs six months, a year or even two years from now.”

Dubbed Rover for its ability to dig up, fetch data and obediently follow commands with champion-caliber speed, the new system is another example of Mediaspace Solutions’ mantra of not settling when you could be shattering the status quo

“Our client roster has very specific needs,” said Scott Jagodzinski, CEO of Mediaspace Solutions, “and the goal of everything at Mediaspace is to do it better, faster and cheaper. While some might find those two goals diametrically opposed our track record gave us the confidence that we could achieve both goals and simultaneously take a client’s expectations up at least one notch. With Rover, I’d argue we’re taking them up at least two notches and built a platform to raise the bar pretty quickly.”

Mediaspace partners with leading advertising agencies, media providers and directly with clients that share our vision of local media that is better, faster and cheaper. Rover is another example of Mediaspace creating, and not waiting, for a better solution and creating efficiencies in the digital and print space.

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