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Year in Review: Top Print and Digital Advertising Posts of 2012

By Scott Olson on Thu, Dec 27, 2012 @ 02:53 PM |


As 2012 comes to a close, there is much reflection that typically happens as people and companies look back on what was and what wasn’t, and compare goals to reality. In order to move successfully forward it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes looking back, just to be sure you’re headed in the right direction. So for this final post of 2012 I thought I’d share some of the highlights of the ‘What’s on Tap…’ blog and what you’ve found interesting in the world of print and digital advertising.

Here’s the good news: we’re getting better. Looking at our top eight blog posts in terms of page views, six of them were published in the last 60 days. I’ve picked out a quick highlight from each of them in case you missed it and want to go back and catch up. Be sure to check back next week as we kick off the New Year and share some of our goals and news on what’s coming in 2013.

tablet optimized websites generate traffic and engage tablet users

Eight Brands That Rock a Tablet Optimized Website

We all know what’s happening with tablets, and we regularly feature this topic on the blog, but here are the brands rocking it when it comes to their websites:

  • Nike – Creates a remarkable shopping experience

  • People.com – Celeb gossip at your finger tips? Yes, please!

  • The Boston GlobeLiterally fits your tablet screen to a tee

  • Staples  – Significantly faster way to browse and order your new stapler

  • InterContinental Hotels & Resorts – Have you seen the ‘Concierge Insider Guide?’

  • TED – Easy to navigate and stream the videos you enjoy watching

  • ESPN – “Welcome to ESPN for your tablet” welcomes you, need we say more?

  • Yahoo!Can someone say tablet-friendly slideshow?

Thanksgiving dinner and local advertising have more in common than you may think

Local Advertising, Turkey and a Side of Mashed Potatoes

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie are the staples to a successful Thanksgiving meal. There are also key elements to any successful ad campaign that make up the main course, side dishes and dessert. Check out this post to learn how to create your local campaigns.

Local Advertising Tips from Saturday Night Live

The most successful sketch comedy program in television history can provide more than just entertainment. Get the scoop on how Schweddy Balls, your favorite cheer leaders and the church lady have helped guide local advertisers. If nothing else, the videos included highlight iconic moments in SNL history.

Tablet User Demographics and who you Should be Targeting

Tablet audiences are growing, but just knowing the numbers won’t help you. You need to understand the ‘who’ behind the numbers, and this post and infographic get you the background you need to get in touch with tablet users.

Tablets complement newspaper advertising in terms of readership and demographics

Tablets Complement Print to Gain Newspaper & Magazine Readership

As mentioned above, tablets are a hot topic and can be very effective when combined with other media. We all know integrated campaigns work the best, and this post tells you exactly how you can build campaigns that play well in multiple media platforms.

Advertisers are finding innovative ways to integrate platforms into their marketing campaigns

Innovative Advertising across Print, Digital and TV Mediums

Here we go again with that whole ‘integration thing.’ You need to keep things fresh by building your campaigns to be effective through a variety of outlets, and this post highlights some advertisers who are doing it well.

More than 350 North American Pubs Using a Paywall, But do They Work?

Paywalls are coming up and down almost daily. Some are working, others not so much. In time they’ll work themselves out, but this post gets you up to speed on what you need to know now.

‘Tis the Season for Local AdvertisingIt's the season of giving and receiving, and local advertisers can use the season to their advantage

How true this is, and the season is still upon us. Even though Christmas is over, consumers now look to spend their gift cards and you need to be in front of them to help them understand now is the time to buy. Check this post out to learn how.

There you have it, the top eight posts of 2012 based on your consumption. Hopefully you can see the trends of local advertising in print and digital forms. If you want to learn the benefits of local advertising, we wrote the eBook on that, and you can get that here. Cheers to a successful 2012 and an even better 2013. We’ll talk soon.

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