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5 Ways to Get Your Billboard Ad to Convert

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Jul 22, 2019 @ 10:00 AM |


Each year we see more technological advances and new online channels open up to advertisers. And yet, each year, we also see our clients get a huge return on their investment into their OOH campaigns.Tokyo, Japan view of Shibuya Crossing, one of the busiest crosswalks in the world.-1

Why are billboards “killing it” when so many marketers swear that online ads are the Holy Grail of conversions? Simple, they allow hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of people to interact with your brand on a daily basis. When designed well, there is no denying that billboard ads can have tremendous impact on consumers and your bottom line.

With this in mind, here are 5 ways to get your billboard ads to convert:

  1. Make it Visually Engaging

You only have a few seconds to get a driver’s or pedestrian’s attention. For this reason, it’s important that your billboard is visually arresting and captures attention.

Some of the most effective billboard ads offer surprising visual elements and shock value that leave a last impression. When coming up with your message, try to elevate ordinary copy to extraordinary visuals. You may want to consider using different shapes and 3D elements in the design.

  1. Keep Things Simple

When people are driving or walking around their town or city, they don’t have time to read a bunch of text. Beyond strong visuals, you’ll need to convey your message via very few words.

The less words you use the bigger you can make them. If you visual is the star of the show, try and use only 5 words.

Having said this, there are some billboards that are text-only, and these ads can be incredibly effective. Remember those old “Got Milk” billboards? Two words on a billboard got everyone’s attention.

When using words as your main visual, be sure to select the right colors and typography.

  1. Use a Strong Call-to-Action

Like all good advertising, billboard ads should facilitate a conversation between your brand and consumers. But don’t leave the ball in the consumer’s court – take charge and end the conversation with a call-to-action.

Going back to the “Got Milk?” ad… that billboard might as well have said “Drink Milk.” That was the message that was conveyed. Your ad might simply say, “Call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.”

It doesn’t have to be complicated, you simply want to plant a suggestion into your audience’s mind so they TAKE ACTION after seeing your ad.

  1. Offer Consumers Proof of Something

All consumers require proof before taking action, so use your ad to give them this proof. This can be done in an emotional way or in a literal way.

For example, here’s a very effective billboard in New Zealand that gets its point across by using actual rain to signal to drivers how dangerous driving conditions can be in the rain.  

Think about your product’s function and prove it. Taking a look at some visually engaging ads, notice the duct tape ad that looks as though the tape is holding the billboard up. The company is proving a point: Their tape is so strong it can actually hold this big billboard up.

  1. Be Consistent

It’s easy to think of your billboard ad as a standalone piece, but it’s important to remember its design should fit into your larger marketing puzzle. Be sure that your billboard’s messaging is consistent with your overall marketing strategy and that it not only matches in tone but also in visual style with other ads on other channels. This consistency will help consumers recognize your brand immediately and make that specific touchpoint one that leads them further down the sales funnel.


With summer still in full swing and many people on the road traveling with their family, billboards are a great way to catch their attention. Just make sure you’re taking full advantage of this potential by following these 5 tips to create impactful ads.

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