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Are You Leveraging These 2019 Print Marketing Trends?

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Jul 08, 2019 @ 10:00 AM |


After years of defending this marketing channel, we are happy to say that print marketing seems to be having a moment right now. Finally, business owners are catching onto print’s numerous benefits and integrating print into their marketing mix.

We’re also happy to report that there are some specific trends that are currently driving print marketing. If you’re not leveraging these, you’re leaving money on the proverbial table.

Augmented Print

Talk about bringing an ad to life!

Have you engaged with an augmented print ad? No matter how old you are, you can’t help but enthusiastically utter the word “cool!” Augmented print uses an application that essentially stacks related digital content over your print ad. When a viewer looks at the ad through their smartphone, the print ad seems as if it has gone away and an entirely new digital ad springs to life.

We have been touting the benefits of augmented print ads for two years now, but it’s surprising how many companies are still not using this incredible technology.

If you haven’t seen an augmented ad, here’s a Youtube video showing an example. The music for the video is horrible but the ad is great!


The Print Newsletter is Back and Better Than Ever

Many of our clients have found great success with direct mail campaigns. Why? Because most people’s email inox is full of junk mail and spam, while there actual, physical mailbox is normally empty. Think about it, most of us are thrilled to get a piece of actual mail that isn’t a bill. Human beings tend to like tactile experiences and the rise of digital marketing has made many of us aware of this.

This has caused quite a few business owners to go back to sending customers an old-fashioned printed newsletter instead of a digital one. Even Forbes commentator John Hall praised the idea of going old school with newsletters.

Consumer Stories are Taking Center Stage – or Center Page

More and more consumers are looking to other consumers, not brands, to help them make decisions. This is why influencer marketing has become a powerful way to get your brand recognized by a new audience. You can expect to see even more ads and content put out into the marketplace that feature real consumer stories.

Niche Publications Are Gaining Momentum

While bigger magazine publications have struggled over the past decade to hold onto readership, smaller niche publications have been popping up and doing very well. This is a tremendous opportunity for marketers who are looking for a channel that serves a highly-targeted group of consumers. When you get your print ad in one of these niche publications, your odds of conversions increase exponentially.

Media Space has developed relationships with hundreds of publications, many of them niche magazines. If you’re interested in getting in front of the exact right audience, we can help.

Creative Paper Trendshand drawn light bulb with crumpled paper ball on paper poster as creative concept

If you haven’t noticed, paper collateral has changed significantly over the past decade. Gone are the minimal choices in card stock and finishes. Today, brands have access to new paper and finish innovations such as foil and varnish finishes, unique cut out work and texture, and 3D shapes that engage your readers. These unique paper innovations also maximize the staying power of your brand’s message.

More Personalization Options

If you think personalization is just for digital advertising, think again. While this tactic may be underexploited in the print world, that doesn’t mean you can’t capture more consumer attention by employing it. By leveraging subscription data, publishers can creatively help business owners tailor messages and personalize content.


We hate to say we told you so. Just kidding, we LOVE it. Told you so! Print is far from dead. While marketer attention has been almost entirely focused on digital ads, print has silently been innovating to offer brands exciting and effective ways to reach their audience.

And speaking of reaching your audience, could you use any help creating and launching your next print campaign? Give us a shout. We help business owners leverage data to create the right messaging and deliver it on the right channels. See what we can do for you.

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