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Challenging Assumptions: Reader Retention in Print vs. Online Media

By Molly Carnicom on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 12:00 PM |


Now that 2011 has ended, you can take a look at what mediums worked best for engage audiences and determine:  What worked? What didn’t work? A recent study conducted by the University of Oregon answers an interesting question: Does reader engagement towards news stories vary by media type (print vs. online)? Here are some Top-Line Results:

Of the survey group, which averaged 22 years in age:

  • 76.9% reported their main source of news is the Internet
  • 19.2% primarily use printed newspapers for news
  • 17.3% primarily use television
  • 7.7% primarily use radio

The study concluded:

  • Readers of print newspapers recalled noticeably more news stories than online news readers
  • Readers of print newspapers remembered more news topics and article main points than online readers

Overall results show print readers remember more news stories than those who read online. This could be contributed to a few findings, such as the printed newspaper layout being less distracting. For more results, take-aways and access to the complete study, check out Medium Matters: Newsreaders’ Recall and Engagement with Online and Print Newspapers

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