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Evolution of Newspapers Starting with Size Changes

By Amy Xiong on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 08:25 AM |


The combination of newspapers being in both the print and digital realm has led to the continued evolution of print and digital subscriptions. Publications are doing their best to cater to both audiences. They know the print subscribers are looking for papers that are more accessible and easier to read. At the same time, publications are working to monetize the digital space through paywalls and tablet applications. Forward-thinking publications recognize the need for change and are embracing the new opportunities presented to them through their growing digital audience.

One of the ways that newspapers are evolving is by changing the newspaper size. It is not uncommon for newspapers to change their sizes, and there are a variety of reasons why publishers choose to do this. For example, in October 2011, “The Columbia County News-Times” started producing a thinner print model and combined that with a website that had more content.  They chose to make this change for the very simple reason their printer was upgrading and only willing to produce the industry-standard narrower paper width. The smaller sizes also allowed them to save more money.

One of our newspaper partners, “Columbus Dispatch,” has plans to make a size change later this year. They did quite a bit of research through focus groups and have found their readers preferred papers which were easier to handle, more convenient for reading, had a better overall appearance, and used color and photos. Their new format will also allow for more sections than what is currently offered to readers.

Check back next week for our STSQ interview with Jeff Griffing, Chief Revenue Officer of the StarTribune and learn why that publication was ranked the #1 regional paper by Ad Age.

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