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How to determine the best advertising solutions for your company

By Amy Xiong on Tue, Feb 21, 2012 @ 10:28 AM |


What have you found to be the best advertising solutions for your company? How do you know these are the best? Are you testing and changing and testing again? Are you primarily focusing on just print media or digital? Are you trying to reach your ideal customers through a variety of mediums through an integrated approach?

We recently met with Marv Danielski of Frank N. Magid Associates  who shared his knowledge and research on what they have found to be the best advertising solutions for their clients. It all starts with keeping the consumers in mind.

 Your brand’s relationship with the consumer should be the driver of the media mix. Magid and Associates have found through research that audiences respond best to well executed ad campaigns. These campaigns have central themes that provide a sense of message continuum, familiarity and show the brand values. For example, Apple has been consistent in their approach in striking a “difference” and making emotional and visual style in their ads.

Be clear and concise with your writing and the messages that are directed to your clients. You should have a ‘positioning’ statement which defines the product value and the company’s value. This statement speaks to your consumer’s needs, desires and wants.

In addition to this, integrated marketing will help your company reach its consumers through all touch points. The changing technology allows consumers to interact with your products and brands in a variety of ways through television, radio, print and digital. This makes it more difficult for brands to handle their mediums and maintain their position, but those who are successful with this can gain and develop loyal customers. Having an integrated marketing campaign allows you to reach your customer through the best medium for them. Your brand will be on their mind and easily accessible to them effortlessly. They do not have to go out of their way to search for information about your company and the products/services you offer.

Don’t get lost in the mix of different mediums for reaching your consumers. Explore different marketing avenues to reach your consumers through the best means possible at the right time and track your measurable findings. Remember, the consumer is the driver of the media mix. If your ideal target group is senior citizens reaching them only through tablet advertising and mobile advertising is not the best solution. You don’t have to use all vehicles, but you do need to find the right mix for you and your company’s goals.

Comment below to share some the best advertising solutions that have worked for you.

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