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The Top 3 Things to Make Your Video Ads Viral

By Amy Xiong on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 09:03 AM |


What makes people want to share some ads versus others? Research and technology has made it possible to focus on what key elements make a video ad viral. Infrared eye-tracking scanners were used to determine what people were focusing on when watching video ads. Facial features were also analyzed.

The first thing you can do is to incorporate your brand into the ad without drawing too much attention to it and highlight it briefly. If you make your ad too self-promotional viewers will become uninterested in your ad and product. One thing to consider is if your commercial will still be enjoyable if you remove all the branding. If you can pull this off and then add your branding into the commercial, you can be sure you have something worth sharing.    

Secondly, people have a short attention span and become bored easily, especially online. You need to captivate your audience immediately with something surprising. Create an action that makes them question a habit, forces curiosity or makes them laugh. Pulling them in with a joke at the beginning is a surefire way to keep them watching.

After getting the viewers attention how do you keep it? By creating an emotional roller coaster in your ad. Keep them on their toes in anticipation of what to expect next. Test out your ads with a/b testing on a sample size to manage your budget wisely. Also stay top on of technology trends as you might need to create ads for in the near future.

Share your success stories below on ads you’ve seen that created buzz or captured your attention right from the start.

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