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Why Flyers are Powerful Marketing Tools and How to Post Them Legally

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Dec 09, 2019 @ 10:00 AM |


When we first sit down with a new client, we discuss their goals, budget, business location and marketing options available to them. For those clients who are local merchants on a tight budget, we often recommend they use flyers to connect with prospects. More often than not, they look at us as if we’ve just recommended they try skywriting.

We get it. Flyers seem so… antiquated in this digital age. The thing is, flyers WORK, and most business owners can afford them.

Here are some reasons you may want to consider adding flyers to your marketing arsenal, especially during this holiday season when you’re fighting for consumer attention:

Flyers are Affordable

As I mentioned, flyers are incredibly affordable. Even if you are using a professional flyer designer, you’re still not going to pay what you would for other print or digital campaigns. And, if your budget is really tight, you can always design your own flyers and print those off. You can use some of your own staff to help you deliver these flyers around town to drum up new business.

Flyers Have a Longer Shelf Life

Admittedly, sometimes you hand someone a flyer and they almost immediately toss it into the nearest garbage can. But just as often you will have those people who hang onto it and bring it home or into their own place of business. This means you get more eyes on your offer for the exact same price.

Flyers Can Lead to Personal Interactions with Your BrandYou are Your Own Brand card isolated on white background

Often flyers are handed directly to potential customers and this hand-off can lead to personal engagement. When choosing who you will hire or use to hand out flyers, take this into consideration. You want a prospect’s first interaction with your brand to be a positive and memorable experience.

Flyers Draw Attention

Whether they are handed to someone personally or hung up in a laundromat, it’s hard to ignore messaging on a flyer. Humans are almost compelled to see what they flyer is all about. Compare this to so much marketing that gets completely ignored by consumers.

Now that you know why flyers can be a great option for local merchants, lets talk a bit about where you can legally post them. And before we get into these, we should mention that these are generalities and laws are going to vary state to state, so do your own research to make sure you know what applies to your local area.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the Dos and DON’TS of flyer posting:

Be Mindful of Private Property

When you hear the term private property, you probably think of a person’s home. But private property can also refer to a car, shopping mall or gated community. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to make a call or knock on a door and ask for permission.

Be Considerate

When you know that a certain location allows flyers, it’s still important to be considerate of where exactly you place them. For instance, many college campuses are a haven for flyers, but within that specific location there may be good and bad places to post. For instance, certain buildings may be off limits, as would be specific memorial structures or statues.

Right Outside

You may want to consider one weekend having someone stand right outside your establishment handing out flyers to inspire some new foot traffic. Think about making your flyer one giant coupon for 10% off. Just be sure the person you tap to hand out the fliers is personable but not pushy. No one likes politely saying no thank you, only to have a flyer shoved into their hand anyway.

Don’t be Shy

It never hurts to ask other shop and restaurant owners if you can leave a flyer up in their establishment. As the saying goes, the worst they can say is “no.” You may even want to offer a flyer exchange, where they can leave flyers in your business and you leave them in theirs. This way you can tap into each other’s customer base.

They key with a swap is to pick an establishment that is related to your business but not in direct competition. So, if you own a dog grooming establishment, if would make sense to ask pet store owners and dog training facilities to do the swap. If you find other business owners that say yes, be sure to check often to see if you need to replenish your flyer stack.

Are flyers an affordable and effective way for local business owners to drum up new business? Without question. Should you speak to your local authorities to understand where you can and cannot post them? Absolutely. Once you know your local rules, you’ll be able to confidently leave your messaging in those areas that most likely host your ideal customer.

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