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10 Reasons to Advertise on Newspaper Websites

By Jenna Bruce on Tue, Sep 30, 2014 @ 11:27 AM |


According to a 2012 Newspaper Multiplatform Usage Study by the Newspaper Association of America, 56 percent of respondents said ads on newspaper websites made them aware of a product or store sale, 32 percent said they visited a store or another website in response to seeing an ad, 30 percent made an actual purchase, and 14 percent referred the ad to a friend or family member. These numbers indicate how beneficial it is to advertise on newspaper websites.

Here are 10 specific reasons why you should consider shifting some of your advertising budget to newspaper websites:

Newspaper Website Audiences are Growing10 Reasons to Advertise on Newspaper Websites

According to a 2010 study by Nielsen Online, nationally, online newspapers keep growing their audiences. In fact, in an average month during the first quarter of 2010, more than 74 million people visited a newspaper website, which is more than 37% of the active Internet population as a whole.

A Higher Quality Audience

Studies have shown branded content brings a higher quality audience. In fact a study done by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) showed that their audiences were far more likely to make purchases in a variety of categories, including home, financial, travel, automotive, business and entertainment.

Reach Any Demographic

Newspaper websites allow advertisers to get personal and offer relevant messaging because many are local. Beyond this benefit, newspapers also publish various niche sites geared for women, teens, movie buffs, or virtually any demographic a brand could hope to reach. And, because of online registration programs and audience segmentation software, newspapers know more than ever about their online audience.

Repetition of Messaging

Many users of newspaper websites also read the print version during any given week. This repetition increases brand awareness.

guy-on-laptop-webOnline Newspaper Users Spend More Time Online

Online newspaper website users spend more than twice as many hours surfing the web than the average user. Online newspaper users are also more likely – nearly three times as likely as general Internet users - to be online during the workday, specifically between the hours of eight and 11 a.m.  (Source: “Power Users,” 2006, MORI Research)

An Audience with More Spending Power

According to a report by NAA, 89% of newspaper website users make purchases online while only 56% of general users said they do. The report also noted 40% of online newspaper users have annual incomes higher than $75,000, and 69% own their homes. Also of interest is 18% of online newspaper users had spent more than $2,000 online in the last six months.


Online users spend a good chunk of time consuming content that pertains to sports, finance and entertainment. These categories are a mainstay on local and national newspaper websites, which means that week after week, these sites draw a large crowd.

Large Gains Generation

Online newspaper websites have the ability to generate very large gains in online ad awareness among high-level management job holders. Whether C-level managers or VP/director-level managers, and across all industries, there is generally an increase in brand awareness following exposure to an ad campaign in online newspapers. (Source: Dynamic Logic’s MarketNorms® database, 2006)

girls-with-mobile-phonesConnect with a Mobile Crowd

Newspaper website readers are more likely to own mobile devices and they are also more likely to be interested in receiving product offers through those devices. (Source: “Power Users,” 2006, MORI Research)

A Powerful Mix

When integrated into a campaign that includes a traditional media mix, ads placed on newspaper websites offer brands a chance to elaborate on their message. Advertising in both print and digital newspapers gives advertisers a high penetration rate with a desirable audience.

Newspapers have always been a powerful resource for advertisers. By having a presence on a newspaper’s website, companies are able to create brand awareness and capture the attention of an ever-growing audience that has real spending power.

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