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Mediaspace Tablet Network™ growth trend mirrors tablet adoption

By Amy Xiong on Mon, Mar 19, 2012 @ 09:59 AM |


In November 2011, Mediaspace Solutions established the Mediaspace Tablet Network™. “The Mediaspace Tablet Network is not your typical ad network,” said Scott Jagodzinski, CEO at Mediaspace. “It is powered by our long-standing relationships with publishers and allows advertisers access to information we have compiled to help them take full advantage of advertising opportunities on more than 325 tablet applications.”

As the tablet industry has grown, so has the number of applications and publications included in the network. The Mediaspace Tablet Network, like the adoption of the tablet device itself, has doubled in the last few months from 161 to 326 magazine and newspaper apps.

The number of tablet users has nearly doubled since December 2011 and with the New iPad recently released, those numbers are expected to spike in the very near future. Tablets are quickly becoming the leading device for accessing online content (Pew Internet Project). Mediaspace Solutions has been placing digital advertising along with our print campaigns for years. This experience has provided us the opportunity to evolve our systems, processes and relationships to incorporate tablet plans with the same ease we have done print campaigns for the past 11 years.

“Our clients recognize our ability to add value in digital,” said Catherine Dettloff, Director of Digital at Mediaspace Solutions. “With our tablet network and early adoption of advertising in the tablet space, we know we can continue to bring unique local digital solutions to national brands.”

To join the Mediaspace Tablet Network, contact Catherine Dettloff at cdettloff@mss-mail.com or 612.253.3904. 

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