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Landing Pages Not Converting? Here are 5 Tricks for Better Conversion

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Oct 23, 2017 @ 09:00 AM |


Are your landing pages sour or sweet? Do they seem to repel buyers instead of attract them? Are they causing you to lose revenue instead of generate more?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

There are common aspects of your web pages that affect user experience and conversions. Once these have been optimized, you will see an increased performance of your campaigns and ROI. Don’t believe us? Check out how Walmart increased their conversions by 20% and doubled their sales on mobile device just by changing their website to a responsive design. And that’s only one aspect that can affect sales! Imagine if you found and tweaked more!

Here are 5 landing page tricks to improve your conversions:

  1. Keep Messaging Cohesive

Imagine that you and your family are on a road trip and everyone is really, really hungry. You drive around looking for a restaurant that will please everyone in the group and finally find a pizza joint. Jackpot, you think. You park your car and head inside.

Once you step inside the building you find that instead of a pizza joint, you are actually standing in a Vietnamese restaurant that sells mostly vegan foods. Say what?! Most likely you and your family are not only bummed, but you feel you’ve somehow been tricked.

This is how your audience feels when you present one kind of messaging in print and social media ads; but then when they land on your sales page, they get totally new messaging. It’s confusing and off-putting and it’s a great way to kill conversions.

Make sure you keep the messaging between your ads and your landing pages consistent. If there’s a disconnect between what your ad promises and what your landing page delivers, your visitors will not be happy and will leave, never to return.

  1. A/B Test the Position of Forms on Landing PagesAB Test Concept. Closeup Landing Page on Laptop Screen in Doodle Design Style. On Background of Comfortable Working Place in Modern Office. Blurred, Toned Image. 3d Render..jpeg

Just like you need to A/B test the ads themselves, you should also be testing the elements of your landing pages. This includes where the forms on your pages should live. By playing with positioning, you could increase your conversion rates by 10 or more percent.

And don’t forget all of those other important elements like button colors, headers, font style, images… all of those need to be tested as each one can increase conversions as well.

  1. Make Sure Your Landing Pages are Mobile-Friendly

Phone_Access.jpgAs you can see by the Walmart example above, a mobile-friendly landing page can increase conversions by 20% and even more. Mobile messaging is so incredibly effective because it is tailored to customers who have a desire to buy RIGHT NOW. Make it as easy as possible by making your landing pages mobile-friendly


  1. 4. Use ‘The Voice of the Customer’ In Your Copy

It’s not just the design elements you must optimize, but also the copy on your page. It is the copy that literally speaks to your reader. For this reason, it should be in a voice that they relate to.

What NOT to do with your landing page copy: Use a bunch of sales jargon mumbo-jumbo that is SELLING to the reader. This is not only ineffective but downright sleazy. Instead, do some research to find out exactly WHO your target audience is (mothers, college students, C-level executives) and write TO THEM in a way that conveys an important message: your product or service was designed to help them and make their life or business better.

  1. Craft a Killer Call to Action

If your current call to action is “Submit” or “Send,” it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Clear calls to action can make the difference between a bounce and a profitable conversion. The fact is, no matter how much you’ve tested and optimized all of the other aspects of your landing page, if you have a weak call to action, you have website visitors who have no idea what you want them to do.

What do YOU want your audience to do? Get more information about your product or service? Schedule a free demonstration? Sign up for a webinar? Use clear language that compels your readers to take action.

Which landing page optimization strategies have you used in the past and which ones are you ready to try? Leave a comment below.

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