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Reaching Your Audience: Why you can no Longer Ignore Display and Tablet Advertising

By Molly Carnicom on Thu, May 10, 2012 @ 12:00 PM |


Audience buying behavior changes just about as much as the weather in Minnesota. One day, it may be 76 degrees and the next day it may be sleeting. The same goes for buying behavior and its continual evolution over time. Just like meteorologists, you can take an educated guess how people will be buying in the future but you can never be certain until it actually happens. Have no fear, display and tablet advertising can help by targeting your ads to reach the correct audience and influence their buying decisions.

Looking at 2012, Kelly Scott Madison (KSM) foresees the evolving medium of display advertising as a means to deliver a more targeted and relevant message to consumers creating more efficiencies. In addition, based on current shopper characteristics and the confirmation tablets are here to stay, tablet-specific marketing can play a crucial role in your marketing mix.

Display advertising, still new to the marketing mix, provides advertisers with solid branding opportunities by aligning their ads within the best content.  Wise marketers trying to reach their audience will take full advantage of this by utilizing these targeting options on the Demand Side Platforms: contextual targeting, audience targeting, and retargeting. Though these options differ from one another, contextual being the broadest and retargeting being the narrowest, they all aid in the extreme efforts to reach your consumer and sway their buying behavior in your direction while still being cost efficient.

Tablet advertising, around since 2010, has seen continued growth. Strategy and planning for tablet advertising has started to revolve around how/when people are using their tablet devices. Knowing your audience uses their tablet for ‘fun’ rather than work and has heightened engagement compared to other mediums allows you to tap their lifestyle and cater your advertising to influence a purchasing decision.

 If you haven’t realized by now that both display and tablet advertising should be a part of your marketing mix, now you should be convinced. These media channels allow you to know who your customer is, what their interests are, when they are browsing and how they are browsing; further strengthening your reach and connection to your ideal consumer.  If delivering a relevant, targeted message to sway buying behavior is the goal of your marketing mix, display and tablet advertising need to be involved. You can no longer ignore these channels.

KSM shared their thoughts on where display as well as tablet advertising is headed in 2012. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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