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Five Ways to Optimize Your Website for Tablet Devices

By Amy Xiong on Tue, May 29, 2012 @ 09:54 AM |


Is your website optimized for tablet devices? If not, why not?!?! Everyone and their mother and BABY have a tablet nowadays. I’m pretty sure the top selling products at Toys “R” Us  are tablets.  Are toddlers not your target consumer? How about college graduates who are employed full-time with family incomes of $75,000+?

Curious on how you can start optimizing your website for tablet devices?

  1. Make sure your content and images can be rotated and enlarged. Tablet users will often rotate images and tap the images to be enlarged and easier to view. Also, make sure your images are high resolution so they do not look pixilated when enlarged.

  2. Bigger is better. Make your font size to links as well as your call to action buttons big. Tablet users are using their fingertips to navigate. It is difficult to tap on a specific link if there are a number of them next to each other in a smaller text size.

  3. HTML5 is better than Flash. There are still some tablet devices that don’t work well with Flash, specifically the iPad. If you use Flash, this will make parts of your website non-functional on certain tablets.

  4. Limit videos and animations. Although videos and animations make your site fun, it causes your site to be slower to download. Speed is everything. People don’t want to waste time waiting for your site to download and will most likely move on to your competitor’s site. Don’t lose that customer!

  5. Don’t paginate pages. It is easier for tablet users to scroll. You should give the option for tablet users to view all pages. It saves your visitors time and makes it easier to navigate by scrolling.

Be sure to constantly test your website to make it is  functioning and loading correctly for tablet users. Check out Eight Brands that Rock tablet optimized websites and see how your website compares to theirs.

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