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How Healthcare Marketers Can Reach an Aging Audience

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, May 11, 2020 @ 09:52 AM |


It seems that many marketers across varying verticals spend their ad budgets to reach the attention of millennials. But when it comes to the healthcare industry, it’s far more important to reach baby boomers. Not only is this particular aging part of the population typically in more need of healthcare services, they also happen to control 70% of this country’s disposable income.

If you’re a healthcare marketer, you may be wondering what’s the best way to reach the 74 million baby boomers out there who are in need of your services. We’re about to provide some tips to help you create campaigns that are relevant and will inspire your audience to action.

But first, let’s answer an important question…

Who Are Baby Boomers?

Before you can possibly create ads that resonate with a particular group of people, you’ve got to understand who those people are. The first thing to understand about baby boomers is they are a complicated group of people!

While marketers tend to focus on a specific age range, baby boomers are so much more than a number. This is a group of people that has experienced significant political, social and economic change during their lifetimes.

Here is a list of just some of the things many baby boomers have experienced in their life:

  • 1954 – McCarthy hearings begin
  • 1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to move to the back of the bus
  • 1957 – First nuclear power plant
  • 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 1963 – Martin Luther King leads march on Washington DC
  • 1963 – President John Kennedy assassinated
  • 1964 – Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed
  • 1965 – United States sends ground troops to Vietnam
  • 1966 – National Organization for Women founded
  • 1968 – Martin Luther King assassinated
  • 1968 – Robert Kennedy assassinated
  • 1970 – Kent State University Shootings

As you can see, this is a savvy, sophisticated and experienced group of consumers that needs to be addressed in a certain way to get them to bite at your offer. With this in mind, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. They Don’t Make Decisions Quickly

Unlike Millennials, baby boomers are far less likely to make any kind of purchasing decision lightly or on a whim. This certainly includes choosing a GP or other healthcare specialist.

What does this mean as far as marketing to them?

Well, this group will actually take the time to read the fine print and go over every nitty-gritty detail before making a decision. Because they have no problem doing their due diligence when it comes to research, they won’t respond to gimmicky marketing tactics that often appeal to a less discerning audience, in a rush to part with their money.

Healthcare marketers would do well to put in some initial effort to developing their campaigns. Don’t even think about writing slick salesy copy. Being genuine and transparent will help you reach this crowd.

And speaking of copy…

  1. Sometimes More is More

You may have heard that the human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s. Well this is a recent phenomena and it’s been brought about through technology and social media. Remember, today’s generations grew up on social media and writing to friends and family with ONLY 140 characters.

Baby boomers grew up during a time when reading books was a common past time. Like real, actual books made of paper. So, while video marketing has its place, don’t rely on it as the older generations enjoy reading text.

And also, while younger generations hate long copy and tend to skim anything over a paragraph, baby boomers actually appreciate when things are spelled out for them and details given. This is especially true when providing answers to important health topics they may be searching for.

And make sure to stay away from shorthand, slang and abbreviations. Like OMG, these simply won’t be appreciated LOL and SMH.

  1. Don’t Even THINK About Calling Them Old!

No one wants to be considered old. Many baby boomers are in their sixties and are still active and living a fulfilling life. They don’t think of themselves as old and they don’t want to be referred as such. Or “elderly,” that’s just as bad.

If you want to reach this group and have them respond favorably to your ads, then be sure to use copy that empowers them and makes them feel like you are in their corner. Focus on health concerns older people may have without calling them old in every paragraph.

  1. Rely on Advertising Channels They Trust the Most

According to studies, baby boomers trust print advertising more than online ads. By creating campaigns that include print in the mix, you stand a much greater chance at attracting the 60+ crowd.

Need help with your healthcare marketing? We provide our clients the opportunity to directly reach an aging audience by utilizing local and national newspaper, consumer magazines, and endemic publications that align with their go to market strategy.

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