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Print Marketing Strategies for B2B Owners

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Feb 04, 2019 @ 10:00 AM |


There is a myth that has been going around for years now that says, ‘print marketing no longer works in the digital age.’ We beg to differ. In fact, numerous surveys have all uncovered the same thing: When it comes to making a purchasing decision, people trust print ads more than any other channel.

The truth is, when business owners don’t get the results they want from a print campaign, it’s not because print doesn’t work, it’s usually because best practices have not been followed.

Print advertising works consistently for B2B, and if you follow these strategies, you’ll get the kind of ROI that will never make you doubt print again.

Think Direct Response

Except perhaps for billboard ads, which can be highly effective for building brand awareness, print ads are best used for direct response. That means when done correctly, print ads not only tell your market exactly what to do, they also allow you to easily track them.

Reject your instinct or desire to go with a branded image ad. These are vague and will result in a limp ROI. Focus instead on creating benefits-rich copy with a clear call-to-action.

Be Customer-Centric

And speaking of copy, don’t talk about yourself in the ad. Using “I/We” instead of “You/Your” is not an effective way of hooking your audience. People don’t want to know how great your company is per se, they want to know how you can help them, save them money, and solve any issues they may have. Always make sure your print ads are focusing on your customers’ needs.

Send Readers to a Dedicated Landing Page

We have worked with many B2B owners who had previously sent ad readers to their website’s home page. This is a complete waste of time and money. Not only can you not track that add, your visitors won’t know what to do once they get to your site.

You must create a dedicated landing page where ad readers can go to get your offer and you can track their actions. And it should go without saying that your offer should be incredibly valuable.

Keep Your Headline Simple and Beneficial

Don’t get cute with your headlines. You want to capture your readers’ attention with benefits, not a play on words or anything that may come across as confusing.

Avoid Stock Imagery

The good thing about stock imagery is that it is easily gotten and inexpensive. The bad thing about stock imagery is that you see the same old images used EVERYWHERE. You’re better off spending a little bit of money to have images taken that you and you alone own.

Don’t Use Fancy Font

Avoid using too many colors or different types of font. And, when it comes to font, the number one rule is avoid reversed out type. This is when white words are on a tinted or colored background. Studies have been done which have proved this style of type leaves readers confused. To ensure your ads get read, stick with the classic black type on a white background.

Make it Easy for People to Contact Youbusiness people shaking hands make deal and sign contract

Make sure to include all relevant contact information including a phone number and email address in your ad. Don’t hide this important information in a 4-point gray font at the very bottom of your ad.

These techniques will make it much more likely that your print ads begin to give you the results you desire. If you need any help with your campaigns, please get in touch with use. We work with B2B owners to ensure their ads are on point and delivered in just the right trade journals for maximum exposure.

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