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What are the Essential Elements for Successful Print Campaigns?

By Jenna Bruce on Mon, Apr 15, 2019 @ 10:00 AM |


If you listen to the many prominent voices in the digital media space, then you have by now bought into the myth that print marketing has been annihilated by the Internet. We will continue to dispel this myth for as long as we continue to get our clients huge returns on their ad spend by using newspaper and magazine ads, and direct mail marketing campaigns.

But just because print works doesn’t mean it will work for anyone. As with any marketing strategy, there are some basic rules to success. Here are the essential elements for successful print campaigns. 

Get the Messaging RightMan in printing house showing client printed documents

If you’ve been creating your print campaigns with your offer in mind, you’ve been doing things backwards. Creating effective print messaging means developing a pitch with your target market in mind.

Your ad must hold interest and fully engage your audience. But more than anything it must clearly spell out how your solution with end their pain. The more you know about your target market and what is troubling them, the more you can tailor your ad copy to speak directly to them and drive them to action.

Choose the Right Channels

The number of media channels available to marketers is expanding daily and trying to use all of them will be a waste of time, energy and, more importantly, money. Understand that you don’t have to be everywhere all of the time. Focus only on those channels where your audience lives. If your market responds to billboards, then don’t waste energy on newspaper inserts. If they buy magazines, get your offer in the one that makes the most sense.

Be Very Specific

Print ads are direct marketing ads. They cannot afford to be vague or general, but must instead give the prospect specific information they need to make a buying decision and nothing more. Specificity is the guiding principal behind persuasive messaging. Your print ads should be concise and not overwhelm the audience with too many facts or features.

Highlight Your Competitive Advantage

Your business has a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace. It must, or you wouldn’t still be in business. Don’t make the common mistake of being clever with your ad copy. Highlight what makes your product or service superior to the other options out there. So, it’s not just that you HAVE the consumer’s solution, it’s that YOUR solution is the RIGHT one.

Calls-to Action Should be Clear

One of the biggest mistakes in any marketing campaign, especially with print ads, is having no Call-to-Action. You need to tell the reader exactly what action you want them to take. That could be calling for a free quote or bringing a coupon in for their next oil change.

Ad copy has two important functions: 1) offer the benefits of your product or service to get the prospect really interested and 2) get them to take specific action ASAP. Don’t forget the second part of this equation and leave your campaigns success to chance. Always, always, always use a specific call-to-action.

Print campaigns are an excellent addition to any media mix. And if you follow these guidelines, you should be able to craft ads that get prospects to convert.

Do you still need some help getting your print ads to work for you? Get in touch with us. We help business owners craft and deliver highly-targeting ads that deliver the biggest return on their investment.

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