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What Multi-Channel Marketing Is and Why You Need It

By Jenna Bruce on Tue, Jan 27, 2015 @ 09:16 AM |


Multi-channel marketing isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it’s one many CMOs have yet to discover or employ in their campaigns. In a nutshell this approach to marketing combines different tactics and channels to deliver one cohesive strategy and brand message that builds awareness and trust among a targeted demographic.

What Multi-Channel Marketing Is and Why You Need ItTo be clear, multi-channel marketing isn’t a strategy or THE strategy – it’s simply a tactical delivery of whatever your core strategy is, and that’s an important distinction. It’s not enough to say, “We’re going to do multi-media marketing for this campaign” and then simply use more tools and channels. Because if you don’t know what your overall strategy is, the various tools and channels you use may not play nicely with each other and may hamper your campaign’s ability to reach its objective.

With this understanding and an appreciation for the basic principles of an integrated marketing approach, and with the right combination of online and offline tools and tactics based around a single marketing strategy, businesses can blow past the competition.

Is Multi-Media Marketing Really Necessary?

The technological revolution has forever changed the way we do just about everything. Today’s consumers expect to be able to interact with businesses whenever, wherever and however they choose. Marketers who ignore this modern fact do so at their bottom line’s expense. Your prospects can be anywhere, and your business needs to be anywhere as well to connect, engage and convert. As the number of marketing channels grows, it will become even more important to embrace this integrated marketing approach.

The Numerous Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

There are many benefits of multi-media marketing, and not just in terms of increasing your bottom line but also growing your entire business.

A Wider Reach

Using an array of channels gives you a much wider reach and puts your business in front of new potential customers.

More Analytical Tools at Your DisposalWhat Multi-Channel Marketing Is and Why You Need It

More channels means more access to analytical tools that offer data from which you can gauge your campaign’s impact. Robust data means your campaigns can become increasingly more intelligent and informed, targeting the right groups at the right time using a combination of channels.

Cost-effective Campaigns

When used long-term, multi-media marketing becomes very cost-effective. Campaigns that are highly targeted and easily measured mean you can be sure your ad dollars are being spent in the most efficient way possible so your operational costs are at a minimum.

Brand Loyalty

Multi-media marketing allows businesses to engage and interact with audiences frequently. This interaction has the potential to not only reinforce a brand’s message but also put a personal face on the company which leads to increased brand loyalty.

Customers Appreciate Having a ChoiceWhat Multi-Channel Marketing Is and Why You Need It

When you let customers interact with you via the channel of their choice, it makes them happy, and this in turn leads to more completed conversions, which will make you happy.

More Touchpoints

The more touchpoints you have along your sales funnel, the more information you’ll collect about your audience and the better able you’ll be to craft future campaigns that will be relevant and more persuasive.

Consistent Branding

By using multiple channels your brand message and image stays consistent across all media which allows for more recognition and trust.

In today’s highly competitive and fragmented marketing landscape one channel is no longer enough. If you want to stay competitive and grow your business you will have to integrate your tactics and tools to reach the masses on their terms and media of choice.

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